Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough

In this post, I will tell you about the game play, Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough as well as a link to buy this game.


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Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough


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About Shadow of the Tomb Raider

This game has been launched by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game is an action-adventure class video game. This game was launched on 5 March 2013. The graphics of this game are very very  very good. This game has been given a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 by Google users.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Gameplay)

This game comes under the category of action-adventure games. A lot of work was done on the story of Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough  , as a result, the story of the game is very good. Now if we talk about the graphics of the game, then the graphics of the game are very good.Now, on the weapons of this game, the weapons of this game are very good and the graphics of this game weapons are very good. All weapons in this game are some of the weapons in this game are arrow-long bow and many other types of weapons including guns like small guns, machine guns and more guns. If you are a fan of old weapons or guns then you must play this game. If the graphics of the characters of this game are very good, it is very much fun to play this game. The story of this game is very very very good. This game has been highly liked by Google users. This game has been rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by Google users, which is a good rating.  Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough game takes more than 12 hours to complete. From my point of view you must play this game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough

Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Development)

The Tomb Raider game is developed by Crystal Dynamics. The game is published by Square Enix. This game is directed by Noah Hughes, Daniel Chayer, Daniel Neuburger. Kyle Peschel is the producer of this game. The programmer of this game is Scott Krotz. This game is a game running on pc and this game was launched on 5 March 2013. The game has been launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. fully Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough


Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough

 Shadow of the Tomb Raider (story)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough

Lara Croft was travelling in is ripped apart by a storm. Lara and the crew wash up on a shore. But before she is able to reunite with them someone knocks her out. Croft wakes up bound and hung upside down inside a shrine. she manages to free herself. And goes to look for the other survivors. But only finds a backpack a camcorder some matches and a two-way radio Laura sets up camp for the night.

When she hears Conrad Roth the captain of the endurance the ship that were on asking for help over the radio. She tells her that he sent an SOS before abandoning the ship this captain didn’t go down with his ship. And that he managed to get in contact with the rest of the crew, who have agreed to regroup at his location. While on her way Laura comes across Samantha her best friend.

And another survivor not from the crew named Mathias Sam had managed to get in contact with the rest of the crew. And was there waiting for them to come get her Croft doses off. When she comes to she’s all alone she gets up to look for Sam and Mathias but falls prey to a bear trap.

Which seeing as it’s not one of those modern ones that are lined with Rover must have hurt the crew arrived and free Lara from the trap. But Sam isn’t with the. Jocelyn raised the mechanic of the ship decides that they should split up to look for salmon raw Laura goes with professor. James Whitman the lead archaeologist of the crew to look for Conrad.

While the rest we’ll go look for Sam while investigating Laura and Whitman are attacked and captured by a group of Islanders back at their camp Croft. The prisoners make a run for it while she’s hiding. she’s found by one of the Islanders they fight it out. And Laura manages to free herself grab his gun and shoot him.

And now destroy Laura free to go more or less. But not without some new invisible scars she makes her way to Roth who is badly injured from fighting off a pack of wild wolves. The captain passes out and Laura leads to find his food pack taken by the wolves.

Because it contains bandages and other supplies to help him after getting the supplies. And patching him up the captain wakes since Ross leg is busted and he isn’t going anywhere soon. Laura will have to take the transmitter from the boat. Which was in the back and hook it up to the radio tower and ordered a call for help.

On the way up to the radio tower Reyes contacts Croft through their communicator they update each other on their respective situations. Alex tells Laura that she has to find a communications console to hook up the transmitter sadly. The group has nothing to report on Sam’s whereabouts she makes her way up to the control room. But it’s old frail and pretty much useless Croft contacts Alex for what to do.

She tells her that she’ll have to connect the transmitter directly to the towers maintenance panel. Which is located at the highest point of the radio tower.

Laura makes it and is able to contact an aircraft that had been looking for them since. They got the distress call from the endurance the plane shows up. But freak lightning strikes it out of the blue and the aircraft goes down. Laura sees at least one of the occupants glide down in a parachute and goes out there.

She reaches him just in time to see him get killed by one of the Islanders Laura catches up with Roth. Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough. They start discussing the situation when a distress call from the copilot of the plane comes through on her walkie-talkie feeling guilty from having called them to the island. She goes to rescue the copilot.

When she finds him the man is heavily wounded and the Islanders had used them as bait. A trap for Matthias is there and commands his cronies to kill Croft. They knock her out and while going in and out of consciousness. She sees that the Islanders are attacked by some giant humanoid creatures.

The only the queensguard when she finally comes to cross finds herself in a meat locker for lack of a better term full of human. Corpses just the guests but the stench must have been on bearable skulking around Laura finds. Hema costume proving once and for all.

They are indeed on jana time studying the tomb. She learns that there was some sort of Ascension ritual performed by he Miko’s followers a way to choose her successor. After leaving the tomb Croft here Samantha’s voice through her radio.

Sam explains that he was been kidnapped being held in some old Japanese looking Palace. Anad keeps hearing talk about some fire ritual. Before Laura can get more information Sam cuts out saying that someone’s coming and he has to hide. Laura then calls Roth who tells her that he’s headed to the palace. Because the others are also being held there once in the vicinity of the palace.

Sam is able to contact Croft again. Laura promises to help just before she hears Sam scream as she’s found and captured on the way to the palace. Croft comes across grim the Endurance’s helmsman and ends up in a standoff between her and the Islanders either. She surrenders or they kill grim.

But the crotchety old Irishman refuses to that Lara be taken. She fights them off takes two of the Islanders down but falls off the edge with the third. And last one effectively dying to save cross life making her way to the palace again. Laura is attacked and finds herself in a tight spot.

When suddenly the Islanders get shot dead broth caught up with her. And he has a sniper rifle Roth agrees to cover Laura so she can get into the palace to rescue. The others and just before they get to work a call comes in through their radio a rescue chopper is on the way to get.

Them off the island once inside the palace. She finds Matthias giving a speech to his followers his Solari Brotherhood Sam is tied up in some sort of altar. As Matthias tells his followers that they must awaken their queen and the fire ritual will show them the way as one of the Solari approaches. The altar with a torch lara jumps in and shoots him saving Sam. But getting captured and beaten Matthias returns to the task at hand throwing the torch at the altar and setting it aflame.

But a free wind comes out of the blue putting the fire out Matthias states that Sam is the chosen one and that the Solari will soon be reborn. While being taken to where she was gonna be held or killed crawe frees herself from the two guards takes back her bow. And jumps off the rock bridge. That were on into a river of bloody water skulls and bones Laura makes her way.

Where the others are being held prisoner. And after a completely out of place celebration by them for her having killed all the guards I mean I get that they’re keeping you against your will and everything. But do you have to throw a party after seeing someone murder four guys. She starts looking for a way to get them free Croft manages to free them. Then she goes further into the cave back into the palace to find.

Sam and professor Whitman moving through the now burning palace laura comes across Whitman alive and surprisingly unharmed.He explains that the Salahi had stopped seeing him as a threat and were allowing him to move about freely laura goes to a room.

The professor pointed out where Sam is being held while he stays behind serving. As look inside Matthias is speaking to Sam telling her that she’s been chosen and what a great honor that is. He goes on to say that they’re all trapped on Yamatai but Sam has the power to release them.

A Solari brother comes into informa thighs that the fires are engulfing everything and that the other girl has escaped. The cult leader leaves with him to sort things out. He Sam along with one Gorn Croft shoots him and the two girls embrace making their exit Laura finds Whitman walking hands tied behind his back. And Matthias close behind the girls run back into the throne room.

Where one of the exes collapses as Sam runs through it as Sam escapes cross stays behind to fend off. Solari Laura catches up with Sam and tells her to find Roth and not to get on the rescue chopper. We’re authorized with the rescue chopper to save. Laura just in the nick of time she starts yelling that they have to land or the storms will crash the chopper or grease saying that they can’t leave the others behind then lightning strikes.

The chopper bringing it down as Lara had warned when Roth comes to he’s trapped under a helicopter blade. And Croft is a few feet away from him unconscious. He gets to her and revived her. But as they’re walking away Mathias arrives with some Solari Roth kills two of the Solari.

But runs out of bullets before he can kill their leader as Matthias throws at Omaha got them Roth turns around to protect. Laura takes the axe to the back he then turns around with a second pistol and kills the remainder of the Solari. But Matthias escapes later the crew arrives to find.

Laura sitting next to Ross corpse Reyes says that there’s a PT boat on the beach and she should be able to fix it in order for them to get off the island.

Laura protests that they can’t leave that something won’t let them Reyes storms. Off saying that Laura needs some sleep. But Jonah and Alex agree that’s something that defies all logic is definitely happening on the island. After analyzing everything Laura figures that the Sun Queen and the storms have to be linked using a map.
She took from a Thyestes room before the palace was destroyed. She finds a hidden river entrance leading to a ritual room. Where she believes the answer to stopping the storms lies. The plan is to use the boat that race is fixing to go inland to the ritual chamber.

So she can stop the storms she meets back up with the crew at the beach – Alex who have gone to the Endurance’s wreckage to get Reyes as tools. Laura helps with fixing the boat. When suddenly Whitman runs in screaming for help and shooting behind himself. kroff accuses the professor of leading the Solari to them at the beach like.

She suspects he did at the palace when she was rescuing Sam tensions rise. But Jonah manages to get everyone to calm down and keep a level head Laura decides to leave and go help Alex finding the tools. She finds him in the endurance with raises tools trapped his leg wrecked and surrounded by Solari.

Alex convinces Laura to take the tools and save herself she leaves. And then he shoots a gas leak creating a chain reaction of explosions that destroys what is left of the endurance sinking. It him and the Solari back at the camp Reyes and Whitman start talking about leaving in the boat once it’s fixed. But Laura says that they can’t. continue Shadow of the Tomb Raider walkthrough.

She’s going to investigate some ruins that she read about Andreas. She tells her that once they’re ready to leave they’re leaving with or without her laura reaches the ruins and inside finds the court of a Japanese.

General in the health of the general sort she finds a note addressed to he Nico. The note explains how the fire ritual was a failure because the priestess that was to be part of the ritual committed suicide before it could take place. Now he Nicole’s soul is trapped in a decaying body and her anger is making the storms that rage on the Amazon. In order to stop the storms they have to destroy him eCos body. Well on her way back to the beach Laura gets a call from Reyes on her radio they’re under attack.

But the Time Lord gets there the battle is over and Whitman has taken Sam back to Matthias finally. Croft manages to convince Reyes to give her plan a shot. Now they’ll head inland through the river to find a ritual chamber whatever is inside that controls the storms and bring Sam back Laura goes to the ritual chamber.

While Jonah and Reyes stay behind on the boat guarding the. As she reaches the monastery Laura spots Whitman Mathias and Sam heading to its entrance in front Stan to Oni. Mathias explains that there the storm guard the Queen’s personal guard and they’re waiting to be introduced to their new queen. Whitman approaches them the storm guard strike him down and Mathias uses the distraction to slip past them with salmon tow. Laura finds an alternate route to the inside of the monastery.

And there she finds legions of storm guard. There are not one bit happy to find an interlude deep inside the monastery. Laura finds the ritual chamber depicting the fire ritual and she finally understand the ritual doesn’t transfer power. It transfers a soul.

The priestesses sacrifice their lives and body so the hema Co could continue living and commanding her people. Laura catches up with Sam and Mathias at the top of the monastery. There Mathias calls out to the Sun point stating that he has brought her a new vessel and chemical starts transferring her soul into Sam’s body.

Laura makes it to the central area. Where the transference is taking place and kills Mathias and puts an end to him Eko just in time to save Sam and end the madness.

Laura Carrie Sam back to the PT Bo and the four survivors can at long last leave Yamatai and that’s the story of the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot.Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a best game


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