Red Dead Redemption 2 ; game play, development and story

In this post, I will tell you about the game play, development and story of Red Dead Redemption 2 game as well as a link to buy this game.


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Red Dead Redemption 2



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About Game

This game has been launched by Rockstar Games for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This game is an action-adventure class video game. This game was launched on 26 October 2018. The graphics of this game are very good. This game has been given a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 by Google users.

  Red dead redemption 2


This game comes under the category of action-adventure games. A lot of work was done on the story of this game, as a result, the story of the game is very good. Now if we talk about the graphics of the game, then the graphics of the game are very good.Now, on the weapons of this game, the weapons of this game are very good and the graphics of this game weapons are very good. All weapons in this game are pre-1990 weapons. If you are a fan of old weapons or guns then you must play this game.If the graphics of the characters of this game are very good, it is very much fun to play this game. The story of this game is very good. This game has been highly liked by Google users. This game has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Google users, which is a good rating. This game takes more than 5 hours to complete. From my point of view you must play this game.


The Red Dead Redemption 2  game is developed by Rockstar Games. The game is published by Rockstar Games. The creator of this game is Rob Nelson. Imran Sarwar is the designer of this game Phil Hooker is the programmer of this game.This game is a game running on pc.The game was launched on 26 October 2018.The game has been launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


 Red dead redemption 2


our story begins in 1899 roughly twelve years before the original Red Dead Redemption. And the Dutch vanderlin gang are on the run from the law in particular. The Pinkerton Detective Agency whether it’s May I’m just hoping the law of God as lost. As we did until recently the gang has been operating around West Elizabeth and the gangs leader Dutch all of a few other members had attempted to rob a ferry the plan.

quickly went south two of the members were captured and one killed. Then during their escape Dutch shot an innocent woman named Heidi McCourt the surviving. Gang members including Dutch mica Xavier and John all escaped met back up with the rest of the gang including the player character Arthur Morgan. Then they fled north into the mountains now we’ve had a bad couple of days.

I loved Davey Jenny Sean Mack. They might be okay we don’t know. But we lost some folks. This is where you start playing. As we see the gang struggle to survive up in thefrozen wastes during your time here. you’ll save a woman named Sadie Adler whose home was attacked by a rival gang known. As the Oh Driscoll’s they killed her husband and she has been locked away in the basement. Ever since he who was my husband over the next few days you do a bit of hunting and john marston is wounded in a wolf attack you slaughter some more Driscoll’s.

And then discover that they were planning on robbing a train. This is something about the Train there was gonna run a mr Leviticus Cornwall eventually. The snow melts. Enough for the gang to begin to make their way out of the mountains and find a more permanent settlement near the town of Valentine.

However to finance their continued survival Dutch decides to rob the train new twist schools had been targeting. we don’t want to kill any of you any more of you trust me. we will the train belongs to an oil baron named danav it occurs Cornwall. And although the high school as well with there is still a price to pay when Cornwall hears about what happened he’ll begin to heavily. Finance the Pinkerton Detective Agency to hunt down and bring an end to Dutch it’s gang.

However for now the gang have survived the mountains. and they can get back to their usual business, which largely consists of robbing people saving your fellow gang  members a couple of bar brawls shooting some O’Driscoll’s. And hunting a mixture of animals. And debtors you borrowed money from my business partner hare owe him you took the money. He wants it back what’s not to understand life doesn’t seem too bad.And the gang seems to be getting back on his feet.

However one day Arthur takes young Jack Marston John’s son out fishing. The pair paid a visit by the Pinkertons this is my offer mr Morgan bring in van der Linde you have my word you won’t swing well. I ain’t gonna swing anyways agent Milton you see I haven’t done anything wrong a side from not playing the games to your rules spare me the philosophy lesson I’ve already heard it from Mac calendar Mac calendar.

He was pretty shot up by the time I got to him so really it was more of a mercy killing slow.But mercifully Dutch is concerned but decides the best course of action is to bite their time and not do anything stupid. However it is a long before Cornwall and some of his men at track down Dutch in Valentine resulting in a bloody shootout through the streets.

Once again the gang have to pack up and run this time setting up their camp near the town of Rhodes things aren’t all bad.However as it turns out that Rhodes is home to two rival families the greys. And the braithwaite’s who are each rumored to be in possession of a massive amount of hidden gold Dutch. The rest of the gang begin to play both sides of the feud in an attempt to track down the gold.

But in turn they get played themselves now we don’t feel right I could. After surviving the Grey’s ambush with only one casualty you return to camp to discover that in a time you were gone the braithwaite’s had also struck. And kidnapped a young Jack Marsden. Where’s my son if anything where is my son touch mandoline. we will find him we will bring him back to you. we will kill any fool that had the temerity to touch one hair on that boy’s head.

Vengeance is Swift as Dutch leads the gang to the braithwaite’s manner and slaughters nearly everyone inside. However Jack isn’t there and eventually you uncover that he’s been given to a man named Angela Bronte in San Denis my son’s gave him the Angelo Bronte. So Marcus is Santa knee either there or on my boat to Italy let’s go come on whoa new believer I told you she was crazy. As if things couldn’t get any worse the Pinkertons once again tracked down the gang this time turning up in the middle of their camp.

And threatening to return with 50 men who made you the Messiah to these lost souls you’ve led so horribly astray. I’m nothing but a seeker mr Milton you ain’t much of anything more than a killer. Mr van der Linde the gang has to move. But jack is still missing said they had closer to Santini and Arthur and John head into town to get a lay of the land. so can my friend every son of course of course.

But should I be out of pocket over a misunderstanding Bronte is a powerful man. with seemingly every peace officer and politician in the city in his pocket. But a deal is struck and after it’ll work jack is returned. The gang seems to have a new ally to aid them in the big city and all these people these are friends of yours Senor Bronte. No no not quite not quite but they said in the air afraid of me.
Unsurprisingly the Alliance does not last very long as Brone is quick to betray Dutch and set the law after him the truck. Wow well the gentleman at this point.

Dutch’s descent into madness is taking a nosedive we’ve watched him slowly become more and more erratic paranoid and violent over the past few weeks. But things are beginning to s kite seeking revenge he orders the gang to attack Bronte’s home kill his guards and capture the man himself taking the Dutch.

your philosophy your goddamn alligator Dutch part covers weakness with the pressure to escape the law mounting. Dutch decides to rob a bank with the goal of getting one big score. However things go wrong once again as duchess oldest friend hosea is captured and killed.

oh god damn it there’s your deal Dutch the gang tries to shoot their way out. But things keep getting worse as john marston is captured off screen and Lenny is gunned.

Down on a rooftop with the net closing in the surviving crew from the heist attempt a star away on a ship headed to Cuba. Even this doesn’t go to plan as the ship is wrecked in a storm. And the gang finds themselves washed up on the shores of Guam ax and island locked in civil war between the plantation owners and the slaves forced to work in the fields taking up arms.

Alongside the slaves who are able to help their cause and after a few days escaped the island back to mainland America in the meantime the rest of the gang was left without a leader. Thankfully Sadie had stepped up and kept them all safe. But your return also brings rivets the Pinkertons.And another shootout few days what do we do Dutch clearly we need to leave.

Once again it’s time to move this time to a series of caves however shortly. After your arrival Molly Duchess lover makes a drunken reveal who wanna stir Milton and mr Ross of a Divine Comedy. I wanted them to Korea to get what I loved you you’ve got done there gosh you told me.

Boop and just to make sure things can’t get any worse Arthur has had a cough slowly develop over the course of the game. It started quite subtle but now he’s become prone to uncontrollable coughing fits and in the middle of one. He passes out thankfully he makes it to a doctor but the prognosis isn’t good you got tuberculosis really sorry for you son. it’s a hell of a thing there was a moment earlier in the game a brief.
Mission to collect a debt from a sick man and during the fight he spits and coughs in Arthur’s face although you don’t know. It at the time this is when he contracted the tuberculosis knowing that he only has a short time to live off his views on the world begin to change. And when he hears that john marston is set to be hanged for his part in the bank robbery and dutch refuses to help Arthur and Sadie go to rescue him on their way back to camp John reveals.
That Dutch had let him get caught during the bank robbery he felt almost like he had a moment to do something around this time you’ll notice the gang beginning to really fall apart some of the members
will quietly leave over the coming days and weeks with only those closest to Dutch sticking around as for Dutch himself he’s been becoming more and more is olated from most of the gang and spending time alone with Micah the gangs most violent and crazed member Dutch into my cabin Arthur along on what they describe as a social call with Leviticus.
Cornwall but it quickly becomes apparent the goal of the mission is nothing but murder.

I prefer it this way off the back of this Dutch develops a plan for one last big school and he sets in motion a plan to ignite a war between the US Army and the nearby Native American tribe the tribes leader is a peaceful man.
But his son eagle flies is young angry and easily manipulated making him the perfect target for Dutch no you’re making a mistake put your hands up soldier take a little humiliation and leave these fine folks
alone Arthur and fellow gang memberCharles do what they can to help the tribes leader.
But eventually Dutch his plan comes to a head and the result is another massacre with countless casualties I’m gonna try and save him fighters unwinnable you go and distract.Them and let me get to him have it your way the rest of you ride with me let’s meet up at the factory that’s right.
We’re riding with you come on during the fighting Dutch anartha are able to steal some bonds but are ambushed as they escape.
Although Dutch abandons you your thankfully rescued by eagle flies however he pays the price and is mortally wounded more than once it’s as.
It should be Arthur no longer has any doubt about the kind of man Dutch has become but he knows the tuberculosis will kill him soon, And he wants to do something to give his life meaning he decides to make sure one good thing comes out of all of this and conspires to make sure that John Abigail and Jack are able to escape and lead a good life.

Abigail enjoy greedily. I think so okay whatever happens with this job didn’t hate whatever dutching them go next. we’re getting you the hell out of here we’re gonna get you the money you need no one the three of you got out well maybe all this still mean something with that in mind he joins Dutch and the others in one final train heist.

However there is another tragic twist where’s ja I tried I tried he didn’t make it that Patrol killed him they had to run come on let’s go before another Patrol turns up the rest of the gang making their escape of sack full of money. however in the time there were absent from the camp the Pinkertons came in and took Abigail leaving poor jack without either of his parents.
I’m sorry to hear that we gotta let her go you’re right Oh Micah it pains me to say it Arthur but he’s right Dutch once again shows his true colors and abandons Abigail to her fate however Sadie remains loyal and together who are able to rescue her.
But in the process you uncover that it was Micah who’s been betraying the gang to the Pinkertons all along and you returned to camp to confront him it all makes sense.
Now oh damn well doesn’t Dutch think Dutch be practical now Dutch John you left me left me to die my boy I didn’t have a choice John I did you didn’t have a choice. left wing it turns out that Dutch had
left John to die just like he left you. However the few remaining members of the gang still take Dutchess side leaving our fur and John outnumbered six to two.
This is probably the only time in the game that you replace to see the Pinkertons arrive as their attack gives Arthur and Sean a chance to escape through the caves you’re given some choices here and the story will branch.
But no matter the decision John will make his escape and Arthur and Micah come head to head.
At this point Arthur’s sickness has progressed too far and he’s outmatched by the healthy man in the final moments of the fight. Dutch arrives but takes no side leaving Micah to run away and Arthur to watch his final sunrise in any normal game this would be where
the story ends.
But in Red Dead Redemption – we picked back up a few years later with John Abigail and Jack as they tried to do what Arthur wanted and make a better life for themselves let’s see we can find him in strawberry what do you know about strawberry I know they like good
honest hard-working men a whole lot more.Than angry killers so make yourself good and honest I’m always good I’m always.
Honest John eventually gets a loan to buy some land and the family settled down along with two other x game members Charles and uncle however when say the Adler arrives with news of Micah’s whereabouts John and her set out along with childs to get revenge for
He did let’s go kill this son of a bitch then Sadie in Charles both get wounded as you shoot your way through Micah’s new gang but eventually you track him down along with another old friend he’s been quite a while he’s not me you shot me pretty good.
Thank you
Dutch leaves without another word leaving a large pile of cash and gold for Don to find more than enough to pay off your loan and live in peace well at least until the beginning of the original Red Dead Redemption.

Red Dead Redemption 2


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